[CentOS] Install error - disc 2

Wed Nov 14 15:01:08 UTC 2012
Burt Hailey <bhailey at triunesystems.com>

I am doing a fresh install of 6.3 from DVDs that I created on a Windows
laptop. I used ImgBurn to create them. When I started the install I selected
"test" and both discs passed. The install requested disc 2 and after putting
it in I get the message "That's not the correct CentOS disc". I tried
creating another disc but still get the same message. The installation
status bar shows that 1554 of 1555 packages have completed and that the
omping package is installing. Curiously, when I look at disc 2 I don't see
that package. Does anyone have any ideas about what might be going on here?