[CentOS] Problem installing 6.3 on HP8540w laptop

Thu Nov 15 18:36:16 UTC 2012
david <david at daku.org>


Just for laughs, I tried installing Centos 6.3 on the laptop HP 
8540w.  Windows 7 installed earlier, but I had to import a driver for 
the Ethernet controller since it was not supported on the 
distribution DVD of Windows7.

The Centos installation I chose was the "NetInstall".  The 
installation process identified eth0, I selected IPV4 DHCP, disabled 
IPV6, and successfully completed the install of "desktop" using the 
wired connection through my home network.  The wireless was turned 
off.  The ethernet controller shows up in Windows with the name "Intel 8255LM".

When the reboot occurred after installation, the Ethernet did not 
work.  The "ifconfig eth0" command showed no IP address.  Where do I 
go from here?