[CentOS] SAMBA and Active Directory Intergration Problem

Mon Nov 19 09:10:21 UTC 2012
Bonnie B Mtengwa <bmtengwa at potraz.gov.zw>

I have a CentOS6.3 SAMBA file server. All the users are on a Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Controller and authentication is done using Winbind integration on SAMBA .


Everything works well except that if someone logs on to the Samba Server, they see all the shared folders there and also a folder with their own name %USER%. This Folder is not accessible, one cannot enter into this folder, I have noticed that it's not being automatically created in the home folder :

i.e  /home/%USER%/ is not there.





My smb.conf  is as follows


       workgroup = Domain0

       security = ads

       realm = Domain.com


       encrypt passwords = yes

       preferred master = no


       template shell = /bin/bash

       template homedir = /home/%D/%U

       winbind separator = $

      ; template primary group = "Domain Users"

       winbind uid = 600-20000

       winbind gid = 600-20000

       winbind use default domain = yes

       winbind nested groups = yes

       winbind enum users = yes

       winbind enum groups = yes

       enhanced browsing = yes

       winbind offline logon = false

      password server = dc.domain.com




       create mask = 0775

       directory mask = 0775

       browseable = no

       comment = Home Directories

       valid users = %U

       writable = yes



anyone who can help me on this?