[CentOS] "upstream" Storage Server fully OSS?

Mon Nov 19 13:48:08 UTC 2012
Ted Miller <tedlists at sbcglobal.net>

Is the "upstream" Storage Server fully open source, or are parts of it 
closed source?

Are the RPMs to build one already in the Centos repo?  If not, are there 
any plans to offer them?

I am looking for something free to use in Haiti, that will offer redundant 
file storage and automatic failover to a second set of hardware in case of 
a failure of the primary hardware.

If RHSS is not available or suitable, other suggestions welcome.  I need a 
file system/server with:

* primary function is serving MP3 files for playback in a radio station 
environment in Haiti
     * if the system goes down all your clients (listeners) know it
     * they know it NOW
     * they know how long it takes to get it back up
* High Availability as the primary concern
* ability to administrate via web interface or similar by non-Linux-savvy 
IT staff.
* ability to grow file system from 2-3TB to 20-50TB by simply adding disks 
and/or adding 'bricks'
* clients will all be Windows computers, so files accessible by CIFS
* critical application is read-only
* prefer a system that would continue serving files even if the network 
goes down (but have not found such a system yet for Windows clients).  This 
would require something like Ceph with a full (non-server) windows client, 
so the local node would continue to function until the network came back up.
* throughput is not a large issue

Ted Miller
Elkhart, IN