[CentOS] mysqldump file fails to load

Tue Nov 27 20:53:38 UTC 2012
Rob Kampen <rkampen at reaching-clients.com>

Hi List,
This is a request for your experiences with mysqldump - or more 
specifically loading the dump file.

I have a newly developed app that has some 30+ tables, most with few 
records at this time. However, it does contain a streets table with some 
43K records.

I regularly dump the database using
 >mysqldump -u rkampen -p databasename >databasenamedatetime.sql

and load it onto other machines via

mysql -u rkampen -p -D databasename <databasenamedatetime.sql

This has always served me well on different versions of CentOS and 
MySql. The file is over 3,000,000 characters in just over 1,000 lines 

Now I am needing to load this database file onto a debian host running 
Plesk 9.5.4 via their system admin and it is unreliable - after four 
attempts we have all except the streets table loaded - but this table 
will not load.

Thus my questions are
1. Anyone ever have this kind of problem - i.e. failure to load a 
mysqldump file?

2. Are there alternative methods or formats I could use?

I do not want to code something specific to dump this one record at a 
time and then load it one record at a time......:-(
TIA for your insights