[CentOS] Samsung Galaxy 3 and Centos

Tue Oct 2 22:48:15 UTC 2012
Craig White <craig.white at ttiltd.com>

On Oct 2, 2012, at 3:29 PM, Frank Cox wrote:

> My cell phone provider just sent me a letter stating that my 3 year contract is
> up and they will give me a Samsung Galaxy 3 if I will sign a new contract.
> I'm wondering how well (or if) that phone will work with Centos 6.   My
> existing Samsung phone (can't remember the model number) doesn't integrate well
> or at all with Centos; whenever I plug it into the computer it finds the phone
> but apparently can't actually communicate with it so I can't transfer data back
> and forth without having to remove the memory card from the phone and copy
> information directly to and from that.  Which is a nuisance.
the state of mobile devices and direct connect to linux is not so great. Doesn't really matter whether you are talking about iPhone, Android or WinPhone.

That said, the Galaxy S III has a slot for a mini-SD card and you should be able to make it exchange files via the usb cable but to be honest, I don't bother, even with my Fedora desktop system… I just use SSHDroid and exchange files wirelessly using ssh (you can use rsync via ssh too if you want).

Also, FWIW, the Galaxy S III supports USB storage natively - just get an OTG cable (On the Go) and you can plug in any USB device like a hard drive, an SD card reader or get the SD version of an OTG and plug an SD card directly into the phone and transfer from the phone itself. I ordered OTG cables from Amazon and shipped from Hong Kong they were like $1.50 each. That OTG cable also allows you to plug in a USB keyboard or mouse or whatever - not just storage.

Devices without an SD card (mini or otherwise) are relegated to trying to make MTP work and that's not likely to be such a great option (ahem - like my Google Nexus 7). SSHDroid works fine on the Nexus 7 and also, if you root it (or any other Android phone), you can use 'Stickmount' and again, use the OTG options.