[CentOS] Samsung Galaxy 3 and Centos

Wed Oct 3 13:06:17 UTC 2012
Bowie Bailey <Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com>

On 10/3/2012 7:17 AM, Nux! wrote:
> On 02.10.2012 23:29, Frank Cox wrote:
>> My cell phone provider just sent me a letter stating that my 3 year
>> contract is
>> up and they will give me a Samsung Galaxy 3 if I will sign a new
>> contract.
>> I'm wondering how well (or if) that phone will work with Centos 6.
>> My
>> existing Samsung phone (can't remember the model number) doesn't
>> integrate well
>> or at all with Centos; whenever I plug it into the computer it finds
>> the phone
>> but apparently can't actually communicate with it so I can't transfer
>> data back
>> and forth without having to remove the memory card from the phone and
>> copy
>> information directly to and from that.  Which is a nuisance.
> Hi,
> It should work fine; this phone I think supports native usb storage,
> just connect the phone with a usb cable and go in Settings somewhere and
> activate the usb storage feature. That's how I use my Samsung ave II and
> my better half's Galaxy Mini, at least.
> There's also Bluetooth if you're looking at transferring files. In
> addition to that you can install apps on the phone that can talk CIFS
> and FTP..
> So no need to really mess with the SD card.

The S3 also comes with "Kies air".  This allows you to access almost 
everything on the phone through a web browser.  There is a java applet 
that it uses for file transfers, although I think you can still transfer 
single files even without the applet.

I haven't tried it on Linux, but it works just fine with the Windows 
version of Chrome and I don't think it is doing anything that would 
cause any cross-platform issues.