[CentOS] X/Display resolution configuration

Mon Oct 8 21:07:31 UTC 2012
Mike Watson <mikew at crucis.net>

Marko, after a reboot, I've found Xorg.0.log but it's VERY long...well 
over a thousand lines. Can I send it as an attachment to the mail list? 
I hate to just insert 1181 lines of text into an e-mail.



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On 10/08/2012 01:21 PM, Marko Vojinovic wrote:
> On Monday, 8. October 2012. 12.52.18 Mike Watson wrote:
>> On 10/08/2012 12:38 PM, Nux! wrote:
>>> On 08.10.2012 18:20, Mike Watson wrote:
>>>> I've installed CentOS 6.3 on a new system. I've a nagging problem
>>>> that
>>>> I'm trying to fix---the screen resolution changes. I've a flat screen
>>>> monitor that has 1600x900 capability. However when I logout and then
>>>> log
>>>> back in the resolution changes to 1280x1024.  When I looked at the
>>>> xorg.conf.d directory it was empty---both in /etc and in /usr/share.
>>>> Where is xorg.conf and it's monitor section now? BTW, I'm use KDE.
>>> On Gnome you would use gnome-display-properties to set the resolution.
>>> Not sure if it works on KDE though.
>> Tried that. It's present in KDE, too. I've set it numerous times but the
>> next time I logout and back in, the resolution drops to a lower density.
>> Where is this value stored in 6.3. My previous box, Fedora 7 used Xorg
>> but I can't find the Xorg.conf file for 6.3. All I've found so far is an
>> empty directory.
> KDE/Gnome is irrelevant, the monitor resolution is controlled by X. The proper
> way to troubleshoot these issues is to provide us with the output of "xrandr",
> and the complete log file /var/log/Xorg.0.log, for both the correct- and wrong-
> resolution sessions. It is possible that your monitor is not providing the
> correct EDID data, or you have two monitors plugged in at the same time, or
> something similar. Please provide the logs and describe your setup (graphics
> card, video driver, number of monitors, etc.), and then we should be able to
> tell you what is going on and why.
> As for the xorg.conf file, it does not exist anymore by default, unless you
> create one yourself. The proper path is /etc/X11/xorg.conf . Write the part of
> configuration that you need customized (other stuff you can leave to be
> autodetected).
> HTH, :-)
> Marko
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