[CentOS] Deduplication data for CentOS?

Mon Oct 1 20:35:58 UTC 2012
joel billy <jbilly2002 at gmail.com>

At our shop we have used quadstor - http://www.quadstor.com with good
amount of success. But our use is specifically for vmware environments
over a SAN. However it is possible (i have tried this a couple of
times) to use the quadstor virtual disks as a local block device,
format it with ext4 or btrfs etc. and get the benefits of
deduplication, compression etc. Yes btrfs deduplication is possible
:-), i have tried it.
You might need to check on the memory requirements for NAS/local
filesystems. We use 8 GB in our SAN box and so far things are fine.

- jb

Rainer Traut <tr.ml at ...> writes:

> Hi list,
> is there any working solution for deduplication of data for centos?
> We are trying to find a solution for our backup server which runs a bash
> script invoking xdelta(3). But having this functionality in fs is much
> more friendly...
> We have looked into lessfs, sdfs and ddar.
> Are these filesystems ready to use (on centos)?
> ddar is sthg different, I know.
> Thx
> Rainer