[CentOS] squid cache question

Wed Oct 3 03:50:23 UTC 2012
ankush grover <ankushcentos at gmail.com>

Hi Friends,

Same question has been asked on the Squid mailing list but so far no reply
on the mailing list so posting it here also.

We are trying to cache some files from apple.com like .dmg, .pkg,
.ipa etc.. so that local clients can fetch the data from the cache.
The problem we are facing is that we have download restrictions for
every client to 25 MB during work hours except for a particular client.
Now when this exception client downloads the files from apple.com it
gets downloaded from the site and gets stored in the cache but as
the download restrictions are for 25MB the files which are even in
cache with size more than 25MB are not accessed by the other clients, if
we remove download restriction for that client then the software
gets downloaded.

 Is there any way we can allow any client to access objects/files in cache
without removing the download restriction. We are using Squid 2.6 on Centos
5 64-bit.

Cache configuration:
cache_mem 128 MB
maximum_object_size_in_memory 1024 KB
cache_dir ufs /var/spool/squid 400000 16 256
maximum_object_size 4096 MB
refresh_pattern -i
10080 90% 43200 override-expire ignore-no-cache ignore-private

reply_body_max_size 0 allow sp-download-grant
reply_body_max_size 0 allow sp-download-grant-dst
acl WorkingHours4 time D 09:00-18:00
acl WorkingHours1 time D 10:30-12:59
acl WorkingHours2 time D 15:00-18:30
acl WorkingHours3 time D 13:00-14:59
acl google dstdomain .video.google.com
acl youtube dstdomain .youtube.com
reply_body_max_size 500000000 allow WorkingHours1 google
reply_body_max_size 500000000 allow WorkingHours2 google
reply_body_max_size 500000000 allow WorkingHours3 google
reply_body_max_size 5000000 allow WorkingHours2 youtube
reply_body_max_size 5000000 allow  WorkingHours1 youtube
reply_body_max_size 50000000 allow WorkingHours3 youtube
http_access allow google indus
http_access allow youtube indus
reply_body_max_size 26000000 allow WorkingHours1 all
reply_body_max_size 26000000 allow WorkingHours2 all
reply_body_max_size 50000000 allow WorkingHours3 all
http_access allow  allowindus WorkingHours4
http_access allow indus

Do let me know if you need any further information.

Thanks & Regards