[CentOS] CentOs - howto log Firefox EM

Wed Oct 10 12:08:55 UTC 2012
Johan Vermeulen <jvermeulen at cawdekempen.be>

Dear All,

how can I create a Firefox log?

My actual problem is this:

I have 17 stations connecting to a Drupal database, that I don't have 
admin access to.

Some of these stations are OpenSuse , some are Centos6.3 and two are 

One of this Centos5.8 install frequently has this EM when connecting to 
this database using Firefox:

             "There was a problem with an async httprequest response"

When I google this, it seems Ajax / Java related.

The Centos5.8 stations are standard installs, no modifications have been 
made to java or anything.

I'm now trying to find out if it's server related of client-side.

greetings, j.

Caw De Kempen
johan.vermeulen at cawdekempen.be

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