[CentOS] nfs4 idmapd.conf user mapping

Wed Oct 10 21:58:38 UTC 2012
Paul B Schroeder <paulbsch at vbridges.com>

On my CentOS 6.3 machine, in /etc/idmapd.conf I've updated the
"[Mapping]" section of the config file:
Nobody-User = paulbsch
Nobody-Group = paulbsch

But the mapping is not working.  Files still show up as being owned by

On my Fedora 14 machine, with the exact same changes to
/etc/idmapd.conf, the mapping works perfectly and the files show up as
being owned by "paulbsch".

On the CentOS 6.3 machine:

On the F14 machine:

Would anybody have any idea why this is does not work on CentOS as it
does in F14?