[CentOS] Virtualization Options!

Wed Oct 31 17:40:05 UTC 2012
Antonio da Silva Martins Junior <asmartins at uem.br>


   I'm searching for "virtualization options". I already take a look on 
VMware, but it needs too much MS software to work for my needs. Citrix needs
less, but the key validation is still MS-AD.

   Now I'm taking a look at RHEV... and run into Oracle VM! Somebody had already
take a look at Oracle VM? 

   We need in primary a solid VM solution for an "enterprise cloud" running 
on top of some old and new Dell servers in conjunction with an EMC Cx4-120 

   We had plans to provide "desktop virtualization" in the future, most to
labs class, and maybe adminstrative tasks. But it isn't necessary now.

   Anybody had some other options to tell?

   Thanks in advance,


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