[CentOS] Is glusterfs ready?

Wed Sep 12 12:30:06 UTC 2012
John Doe <jdmls at yahoo.com>

From: Jose P. Espinal <jose at pavelespinal.com>
> First, sure GlusterFS has bugs.  Some of them even make me cringe.  If we
> really wanted to get into a discussion of the things about GlusterFS that
> suck, I'd probably be able to come up with more things than anybody, but
> one of the lessons I learned early in my career is that seeing all of the
> bugs for a piece of software leads to a skewed perspective.  Some people
> have had problems with GlusterFS but some people have been very happy with
> it, and I guarantee that every alternative has its own horror stories.
> ...
> So I can't say whether it's ready or whether you can trust it.  I'm
> not objective enough for my opinion on that to count for much.  What 
> I'm saying is that distributed filesystems are complex pieces of sofware, 
> none of the alternatives are where any of us working on them would like 
> to be, and the only way any of these projects get better is if users let 
> us know of problems they encounter.

By ready I just meant "safe enough to transfer all our production storage 
on it and be 99.99% sure that it won't vanish one night"....
Again, the same level of trust that one can have with RAID storage.
It can still fail, but it is nowadays quite rare (luckily never happened to me).

I understand that developers need testers and feedback, and I am sure you 
are doing an excellent job, but we will start with a small test cluster and 
follow the project progress.

Thx for your input,