[CentOS] directory /dev/disk/by-label

Mon Sep 17 13:58:14 UTC 2012
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Jerry Geis wrote:
>> You need to read the help while in rdshell. For some obscure reason,
>> there doesn't seem to be a man page, at least on the first page of
>> and that after trying a man on it. Try looking at
>> <http://tuxers.com/main/instigating-a-manual-boot-from-the-grub-prompt/>
>> Yes, I know he's ubuntu, but down here, there's not much difference. The
>> tab is *very* useful, since it will try autocomplete.
>> Hope this helps some.
> Ok - so I am looking at the GRUB stuff, I boot up, hit c for command
> type ls and I get "unrecognized command". Not off to a good start...
> Hit TAB and sure enough ls is not listed there. Perhaps that is part of
> grub2?
> Anyway still looking...

Found something better - it's RH/fedora, so this may work better.


Go down about a third of the page.

One command to try is root <tab>