[CentOS] directory /dev/disk/by-label

Mon Sep 17 16:53:05 UTC 2012
Yves Bellefeuille <yan at storm.ca>

Jerry Geis wrote:

>  kernel /boot/vmlinuz- ro root=LABEL=/
>  and in the /etc/fstab I have
>  LABEL=/    /    ext4    defaults,noatime    1    1
>  I have verified that /dev/sda1 has label "/"

Because of the information in a previous message, I think you have a
separate partition for /boot. Is that the case and, if so, did you
consider section 5.1 of the Grub Installation information?

(For what it's worth, I don't recommend having a separate partition
for /boot.)

Also, vmlinuz- doesn't look right; I think it should be
vmlinuz- or so.

I guess I should ask you to post /boot/grub/grub.conf and /etc/fstab,
and the outpout of "df" and "ls -l /boot".

Yves Bellefeuille