[CentOS] Odd issue with XFS quotas reporting 8192.0EB in use

Tue Sep 18 16:25:13 UTC 2012
James A. Peltier <jpeltier at sfu.ca>

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| Hi All,
| I have this very odd issue where after a migration we have some users
| who have quotas showing 8192.0EB in use, when in reality on disk
| there is only a couple hundred megabytes.
| The host in question is a:
| * CentOS 6.3 host with mostly latest patches (except latest glibc
| patches)
| * running in SELinux Enforcing mode (Permissive doesn't seem to help)
| * all file systems are on Logical Volumes
| * all XFS file systems are mounted defaults,uquota,grpquota
| * have the following XFS packages installed
|     - xfsprogs-3.1.1-7.el6.x86_64
|     - xfsdump-3.0.4-2.el6.x86_64
| It's really odd because I can see no rhyme nor reason for these users
| to have this 8192.0EB allocation.  It's also odd that is 8192 in the
| first place.  Any ideas from anyone on how I might go about
| troubleshooting this?  In some cases creating a 1 byte file owned by
| the user after the quota has been set worked.  For some it was 10M,
| for others 100M file was needed.  I'm at a total loss here and it's
| our primary file server so rebooting it would be a huge pain.

Hi All,

Just a follow up to this one.  I'm not sure what information to provide you to get support because it's difficult to describe.  Is there anyone on this list who is using XFS and quotas or are there any XFS guru's on this list that might be able to lend me a hand?  I'm dying to figure out what's going on.

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