[CentOS] 11TB ext4 filesystem - filesystem alternatives?

Thu Sep 27 09:23:50 UTC 2012
joel billy <jbilly2002 at gmail.com>

>> Which other mature and stable filesystem can you recommend for such
>> large
>> storage?
> Never had to deal with such a large filesystem, yet, but I'd try XFS on
> it.
> Alternatively you can look at less supported filesystems such as BTRFS.
> Or even http://zfsonlinux.org/.

Since its for production, i would avoid both zfs and btrfs. But i
guess there aren't many options available a.t.m. Best is to wait for
btrfs to be production ready.

Wouldn't splitting the 11TB filesystem to smaller filesystems work ?
You wont able able to avoid the fsck or disruption in service, but
atleast you can bring up critical mounts faster.

- jb