[CentOS] Apache : Listen on ports other than 80

Fri Sep 28 20:30:32 UTC 2012
adekunleadekoya at gmail.com <adekunleadekoya at gmail.com>

I saw this error msg : 'permission denied:make_sock : could not bind to address
No listening sockets available,shutting down' . 
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> Subject: Apache : Listen on ports other than 80
> Hi,
> I just install centos 6.3 on my oracle virtualbox. I tried 2
> configure apache 2 listen on port say 1010 but after adding a
> 'Listen 1010' to the httpd.conf file and then try 2 restart d
> httpd service, I found that d service failed to start. If I remove
> the 'Listen 1010' line then d httpd service restarts successfully.
> What do I need to do so I could instruct d web server to use other
> ports (besides 80) ?
> Are there default settings in centos that are causing this prob ?
> I have done same experiment successfully wit apache on windows. I
> need to setup virtualhost with my apache on centos. I need help
> now. Pls help!
> Regards
> Kunle 

Start by looking in the apache error log. I think you'll get hints
there on what the problem is.

   - Richard

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