[CentOS] ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Fri Sep 14 15:32:18 UTC 2012

on 9/14/2012 8:26 AM m.roth at 5-cent.us spake the
> M. Fioretti wrote:
>> I have accounts on two Centos servers, A and B, each hosted on a remote
>> VPS by a different provider/datacenter.
>> Until yesterday night, I could connect without problems via SSH to both
>> servers from my home Fedora 16 desktop.
>> Yesterday I completed (fingers crossed) the switch to a different ADSL
>> provider. From the moment I turned on the modem on the new ADSL line, I
>> became unable to ssh into server A. All attempts abort with this message:
>> ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host
> <snip>
> This would be obnoxious, but have you checked with your ADSL provider, to
> see if they're blocking ssh traffic?
>       mark
Also. Could the server A have a firewall that had allow ranges for your
original ip range? Or denyhosts... something like that

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