[CentOS] directory /dev/disk/by-label

m.roth at 5-cent.us m.roth at 5-cent.us
Fri Sep 14 18:17:37 UTC 2012

Jerry Geis wrote:
> I am trying to create a CF card that boots 686 CentOS 6.3
> On boot I get a message about /dev/disk/by-label/\x2f   where \x2f is "/"
> cannot be found.
> Adding rdshell to the boot line and booting up sure enough
> the /dev/disk directory does not exist.
> What "creates" that early on in the boot process?
> My CF card was changed from UUID to LABEL. So I edited grub.conf and make
> root=LABEL=/
> like the OLD 5.X days.
> Clearly I have missed something else when swithing back to a LABEL method.
> I want to use LABEL because I want to duplicate cards.

If you load the card into something else, and look at the label (e2label
...), is the card partition labelled?


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