[CentOS] Recover software raid 10 on CentOS 6.3

Tue Sep 4 19:25:14 UTC 2012
Jacob Hydeman <jhydeman at gmail.com>

The setup is 4 1TB drives running RAID10. I was using the Gnome Disk
Utility to verify the integrity of the array (which is a 500MB mirrored md0
and the rest a R10 md1).

I believe one of the drives is bad but prior to the system going offline it
showed that 2 drives were detached from the array but healthy. A reboot
results in a panic complaining that not enough mirrors are available.

Is there a method to mount this array from a live CD so I can export the VM
images. I have backups of the important ones but I'd lose 18 hours of data
and a new PBX VM that was just finished but not backed up yet.

I've been reading and testing various suggestions from the web but until I
get this unit back up all phones and E-Mail are down, which leads to a
slight panic, which makes it difficult to read and understand :)

The backup server is at another location so I'm trying to recover first.

Any direction would be appreciated.