[CentOS] Unable to remove an lvm on CentOS-6

Fri Sep 7 19:02:00 UTC 2012
James B. Byrne <byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca>

I mistyped the storage allocation for an additional virtio drive for
one of our vm guests and now I cannot get rid of the thing.

I have discovered that this is probably, indeed almost certainly,
related to udev but the few work arounds I have found all seem to fail
for me.

Does anyone here know how to remove these things?

When I try this:

# for i in {1..200}; do udevadm control --stop-exec-queue ; lvremove
-f /dev/vg_vhost01/lv_vm_inet05.harte-lyne.ca_01; udevadm control
--start-exec-queue; done

I get hundreds of these:

Logical volume vg_vhost01/lv_vm_inet05.harte-lyne.ca_01 is used by
another device.

# lsof /dev/vg_vhost01/lv_vm_inet05.harte-lyne.ca_01

I recall that I ran into this before and I have a sinking feeling that
the 'fix' was to reinstall the then new virtual host OS.  I have
(re-)opened a bug report:


But if anyone has a recipe to deal with this I would be grateful if
you would share it.

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