[CentOS] rename network card device /dev/p3p2 to /dev/eth0

Thu Sep 27 05:19:09 UTC 2012
KNOPS Manfred <Manfred.KNOPS at 3ds.com>


My name is Manfred. I have to install a flexlm license server on a pc with centos 6.3 as operating system.
This machine contains two network cards. An Ethernet card and a wifi card.
For the Ethernet card centos generates a device called p3p2.
For the wifi card centos generates a device called wlan0.

In this configuration the flexlm license program called lmgrd only got the mac address of wlan0.
The vendor daemon got no mac address as host ID.

Yesterday I made one test. Therefore I edited /etc/udev/rules.d/70-peristant-net.rules. This file contains only one line. This line defines how to name the device for the wifi card. I changed the name Option from name="wlan0" to name="eth0". After rebooting centos generates a device called /dev/et0. Both lmgrd and vendor daemon found the host ID. But lmgrd and safetech can't communicate together.

As next I will try to rename /dev/p3p2 which is the device for the Ethernet card. I guess, if I can generate a device called /dev/eth0 for the Ethernet card the license server should work. But in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persitant-net.rules is no rule for this device.

How can I configure centos to generate /dev/eth0  for the Ethernet card?

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