[CentOS] Repartitioning issues - advice needed, and info.

Tue Apr 2 19:33:01 UTC 2013
Bruce Whealton <bruce at futurewaveonline.com>

> john r pierce                                      37N 122W
> somewhere on the middle of the left coast
> Hello  Bruce
This is a great start ->

>What Database do you have on you server?  Where did you create the data
On the home/business system, I have mysql.  By data directory, do you mean,
apache web directory? I did setup owncloud and installed that inside my
first virtual host.  So, the apache data directory is at: /var/www/
I mapped the domain futurewavewebhosting.com to the location first specified
in httpd.conf, which is /var/www/html/public_html/
So, owncloud is in /var/www/html/public_html/owncloud
Just to be able to figure out how to setup virtual hosts, I setup them at

>Do you have wordpress running? under httpd (apache)?
I have drupal, and owncloud, and some other small scripts I developed.

> Do you have a mail server running?
I started setting that up but couldn't get it to send to an external domain.
It may be my ISP blocks that port. 

>Please run the script(getinfo.sh) and paste to pastebin.
I'll try.  I can get in with the liveDVD.  When I do that the other
directories are locked and so the script needs to be run when I am not using
liveDVD.  The problem seems to be when it tries to create a tmp file for
vnc.  The idea was to get to my desktop from my other computer using
tightvnc on my windows system.  Maybe the tmp file directory is full for
root only.  I can get to the login prompt.  I'll try one of the other
Otherwise, I need a way to see if I can get into the system without loading
the GNOME desktop, just the terminal.  Then I need a way to tell it "Put the
temp files for vnc into this much bigger partition.  

>I'd use fdisk or parted to create a partition. Then set the id/type to 82
linux swap. Then mkswap on the new drive. Copy the contents of the old swap
using the dd command to the new drive. Then swapon and swapoff and update
/etc/fstab. Then free to check new swaps up.
So, I should be able to create a boot disk that will let me use fdisk or
parted, which I might already have.

>man lvm

Read more about lvm here.

>All the best Paul

For the dedicated host that I have, is there a way to shrink one partition
to free up space for another, to expand another partition?