[CentOS] What is bind97 and what are the differences to bind

Fri Apr 5 03:54:04 UTC 2013
Banyan He <banyan at rootong.com>

Just some different versions. Here you go,

bind.x86_64 30:9.3.6-20.P1.el5_8.5                   base

bind97.x86_64 32:9.7.0-17.P2.el5                       base

As you can see, bind is 9.3.6-20.P1, and bind97 is 9.7.0-17.P2.

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On 4/5/2013 11:01 AM, Jobst Schmalenbach wrote:
> Hi,
> sorry if this has been covered, I searched google for this but can't find an answer (maybe I am trying the incorrect search terms).
> What is bind97?
> What are the differences between bind97 and bind?
> thanks
> Jobst