[CentOS] Apache Issue on CentOS 6

Sat Apr 6 07:06:05 UTC 2013
linuxsupport <lin.support at gmail.com>

I have already checked but all requests are from different IP's and even
different subnet
When there are less requests it works ok even if there are more than 60%
reading requests but during peak time when concurrent requests goes beyond
150, due to reading requests it becomes 300+ requests processing at the
same time and that then Apache stop responding as maxclient is set to 300.
CPU load also goes up and thing become very slow.

On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 10:33 AM, Banyan He <banyan at rootong.com> wrote:

> I'd recommend you to sort out the connections. Find out if they are coming
> from the same client or the same subnet of the clients. Doing a simple
> tcpdump capture to analyze the data seeing if it's a good R or a bad R.
> Don't really think it's because of the version.
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> On 4/6/2013 12:24 PM, linuxsupport wrote:
>> I am facing a problem with Apache on CentOS 6
>> Apache 2.2.19 is complied from source.
>> I see so many reading requests in Apache status page, as per my previous
>> experience this "reading request" issue mainly comes when any of the
>> internet route having any problem and it request takes time to completely
>> reach to Apache, but this time there is no network issue.
>> I have ran same setup on CentOS 5 it works well, but on CentOS 6 it show
>> 60%+ reading requests, web site has 20-25 requests per second that becomes
>> 80+
>> I also tried to upgrade Apache to 2.2.24 but it is same on new version as
>> well.
>> Anyone else has experienced this issue?
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