[CentOS] floppy drives

Mon Apr 8 08:43:22 UTC 2013
Nicolas Thierry-Mieg <Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr>

Le 08/04/2013 02:23, mark a écrit :
> On 04/07/13 19:53, John R. Dennison wrote:
>> On Sun, Apr 07, 2013 at 07:35:17PM -0400, mark wrote:
>>>> ls -l /dev/fd?
>>>> What do you see?
>>> lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 13 Apr  7 15:03 /dev/fd -> /proc/self/fd/
>> Interesting as that doesn't match the pattern /dev/fd?
>> fd0 should have been shown by the ls -l /dev/fd? pattern so is that a
>> broken link?
 > Ok, ll /dev/fd - which is a directory - shows it pointing to
 > /proc/self/fd/. Under tghat is 0-3, where 0-2 are links to /dev/pts/0,
 > *all* the same. 3 is a link to /proc/5038/fd/, which does not exist.

you were asked to type
ls -l /dev/fd?
the question mark is part of what you have to type...

another poster explained that /dev/fd/ has nothing to do with floppies.

>> If this still fails ensure that the device is enabled in the system's
>> bios.  Speaking of that, is the device seen at boot time?
>> "dmesg | grep ^Floppy" or "grep ^Floppy /var/log/dmesg" should show fd0
>> and a size.
> Is it time to try MAKEDEV?

maybe first try ls -l /dev/fd?
and then dmesg

Note that I've had a lot of old floppies that were dead when I tried to 
read them after many years.
For me, 3/3 isn't conclusive. I would try to read at least 10 or 20 
floppies before deciding that it's a drive or driver issue.