[CentOS] floppy drives

Mon Apr 8 16:57:02 UTC 2013
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Louis Lagendijk wrote:
> On Mon, 2013-04-08 at 12:21 -0400, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
>> That I don't know, and was trying to think of a way to test it. As I
>> noted in another post, the 5.25" light seems to stay on, and I *think*
>> was the one I had disconnected before. I also think I mentioned that after
>> bringing it down, connecting, and rebooting, I looked at the BIOS, and
>> it told me it *only* saw the 3.5" drive.
>> <snip>
> That is why I thought of the cable/drive issue. Please keep in mind that
> the bios versions I recall did not detect a drive unless it was told
> that there was one (you had to even specify the type/ format of the
> drive)
>> > Any chance that
>> It *looks* like udev knows about it, since it created /dev/fd0 and the
>> related devices.
>>From what I recall, the OS gets the information on what is there from
> the bios. Look around in the bios and check if you can specify the
> format of the floppy drives somewhere...
> And the comment about checking if the cable has been put on upside down
> (on either side). Please note tat the twist in the cable sits between
> drive a and b. Still 4 possibilities to try.

OH! I thought, since the m/b is from '05 or '06, that it would detect the
floppy drives, but *that* I need to look at. Thanks!