[CentOS] Formatting a USB Drive

Wed Apr 10 18:50:25 UTC 2013
Jason T. Slack-Moehrle <slackmoehrle at gmail.com>

Hi Mark,

> Can anyone provide some advice on that I am missing conceptually?
> Several issues. First, if you use 4k blocks, the max filesystem size for
> ext3 is 16TB (see wikipedia on ext3). Second, I can't remember where, but
> on some filesystem tool's manpage, I read that the tools have problems
> going over 16TB. Third, fsck on a 16TB filesystem will take *days*,
> literally. I'm setting up, right now, a humongous RAID box, and I'll
> probably be divvying up the 42TB (mirrored!) as 3 14TB filesystems, and
> they're going to be ext4.

16tb is the max I would have for this device.