[CentOS] How to change 'fstab' when you cannot boot the machine?

Thu Apr 11 23:53:53 UTC 2013
Jason T. Slack-Moehrle <slackmoehrle at gmail.com>

> why not try it out?
> as said:
> ANY linux with a terminal is enough to mount the rootfs
> and edit /ect/fstab with vi or whatever
> P.S: use the mailing-list instead off-list replies
> Am 12.04.2013 01:42, schrieb Jason T. Slack-Moehrle:
> > If I have a CentOS 6.4 DVD is that the 'Rescue installed system' menu
> option?

Sorry for the personal reply. An oversight.

My hesitation with the 'Rescue installed system' sort of reminds me of
Windows where this option will go and blindly copy new versions of files to
a system to get it to boot. I wasn't sure what would happen if I selected
this option from the DVD.

I will try it now.