[CentOS] Phpmyadmin access: Was RE: phpmyadmin location

Fri Apr 19 19:09:12 UTC 2013
Bruce Whealton <bruce at futurewaveonline.com>

      It is interesting how my thread took off.  Anyway, I found the config
files, the my.conf file for mysql and the phpMyAdmin.conf file.  However, I
cannot access it from the same linux box, using localhost, or any of the
systems in my local network.  I found a tutorial online and it was aimed at
a local network because the tutorial had one opening it up to accept
connections from any ip and it didn't get into securing it with SSL. Even
after following that, I still got the message that I do not have permission
to access the directory where phpmyadmin is.
          I did wget and moved it to my apache server document root.  So, my
goals are twofold, and in the order listed.  
1) First, I'd like to have a box on my network that I can SSH to and run
applications that require mysql db, eg. drupal, owncloud, and some php mvc
frameworks.  This could be from my local network, e.g. accessing
the Centos box at
2) Then, I want to access it using a domain, which I have that currently
points to the machine.  

	I did this previously and was accessing the phpmyadmin from the
domain that I had purchased and using a dynamic IP service, I have it
pointing to my network.  At this point, I don't have the means to offer a
server for friends and family, or others.  What is difficult is the
phpmyadmin issue and the mysql db.  I took one course on Lynda.com that
dealt with this topic and it used Ubuntu which has a wizard that lets you
setup the username/pw for the db and phpmyadmin.  With Centos, I just used
yum to download mysql and I used wget to get phpmyadmin.  I have not been
able to find the default username and password when it is installed in this
      I have the root account which I think by default is without a
password.  I just don't know how to access the phpmyadmin directory.  It is
possible to just create a db using the command line but I'd like to figure
the phpmyadmin access issue out.