[CentOS] Writing to a symlink on a read-only file system that land on a read-write file system

Mon Apr 22 13:23:39 UTC 2013
James Pearson <james-p at moving-picture.com>

Michael Mol wrote:
> This sounds like it's going to be a glibc issue rather than a kernel
> issue; IIRC, it's glibc that's responsible for handling symlink
> processing, not the kernel.

It fails on a 6.2 install running a 6.4 kernel (i.e. the same glibc)

> (As for whether or not it's a bug...that's an interesting question.
> Having symlinks crossing r/w<->r/o boundaries is an odd case. I don't
> know what symlink semantics technically supposed to be in those
> circumstances.)

I agree - I'm not sure what the 'correct' behaviour should be - it is 
just that what we are doing used to work - but no longer does

I guess I'm trying to find out if this change is to correct the 
behaviour as it is really a 'bug' - or has happened inadvertently as a 
result of a fix for something else ... i.e. if I need to submit this 
issue as a new bug


James Pearson