[CentOS] [centos-6.3-desktop] Unable to login

Mon Apr 22 17:22:21 UTC 2013
m.roth at 5-cent.us <m.roth at 5-cent.us>

Mayur Patil wrote:
>>>> One more thing as per I think I have lost only file which responsible
>>> for GUI of the centos.
>> You should have command line login using <ctrl><alt><f2>
>> >>
>> >   Problem is Appearance of login window. System boots normally; now I
>> > will try out your said command.
>> gnome or kde?
>> <snip>
>   Gnome.
>>  >> In any case, you  need to do yum -y update and update your whole
>>  >> system to current.
>> >>
>> >  Problem is I have installed Eucalyptus cloud,Snort IDS and now
>> rSyslog; so I am in fear that update
> It shouldn't. And why did you install rsyslog? That's the default system
>> log package in 6.x.
>    I think sir you are talking abt CentOS 6.4 becoz in centos 6.3 there is
> upto 5.8.10.

You. Do. Not. Understand. What. I. Am. Saying. You need to stop and THINK
while you're reading. rsyslog is the default syslog in ALL VERSIONS of
CentOS 6.

>> >> If you're still having gui problems, you *might* have a driver issue.
>> >> What video do you have?
>> >
>> > <nsip>
>> >>
>> >   I have not installed any video drivers before this. I tried to
>> install
>> > one but it does not work. So I leave it as
>> You really, REALLY need to do some reading about *Nix systems. The base
>> install installs video drivers; if you add a desktop install, it will
>> install its best guess at drivers - they're already there. Unless you've
>> got multiple monitors, in which case you may well have trouble, then the
>> gui should just work.
>> >
>> >   everything was working fine before breakage of libgcc.686  package
>> > dependencies (as I remember)
>> <snip>
>> >   I am in SSH with this machine from long time. I am asking if I am
>> > unable to get GUI then I should try to install files

>> Wait - how are you trying to log in, from the console, or remotely?
>> <snip>
>   I will first try out your instructions ; if that works. No remote no
> console.
>   If not, then I will try to login from Putty - windows client. And sir,
>   would you please more focus on *nix systems?? any link??
>   And could you briefly address me what is actual mess around here??
I don't think I'll respond again. I feel as though you do *NOT* understand
linux (or any other version of Unix, usually referred to as *Nix). Go read
the FAQ from the centos website. Go read wikipedia.

I'm tired of making suggestions, and you don't have a clue as to what I'm
asking or suggesting.

I'm at work, for which I am a senior person, and get paid for that. I feel
like I'm wasting time trying to help you.

Try googling for answers, before you post, or if you don't understand some
of the suggestions.