[CentOS] How to make a network interface come up automatically on link up?

Mon Apr 22 23:34:15 UTC 2013
Joakim Ziegler <joakim at terminalmx.com>

It's not an InfiniBand connection per se. It's a Mellanox VPI card, 
which has IB ports that can be configured to be 10GbE, through an 
adapter and fiber transciever. I've currently got one of its two ports 
set up to be 10GbE, and it shows up as eth2. The other port on the card, 
which is configured as IB, is indeed ib0, but that's not the one causing 
me problems.

I will try to completely disable NetworkManager per the instructions, 
and see if that works. Thanks.

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On 22/04/13 16:26, m.roth at 5-cent.us wrote:
> Joakim Ziegler wrote:
>> Do I need to disable NetworkManager for everything to make this work?
>> As I'd mentioned before, the problem isn't that the interface doesn't
>> come up on boot, it does, but since it's a point to point interface,
>> when I reboot the computer on the other end, it goes down and doesn't
>> come back up automatically. That is, link going down and up makes the
>> network configuration stay down, I have to manually take the interface
>> down and back up to make it work again.
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> Disabling NetworkManager, if you've got a wired connection, is *always* a
> Good Idea, IMO. There's *no* reason for it on anything but a mobile
> system.
> Now - did you say that this was an infiniband connection? We've got one
> system like that, and it's ip0. The ifcfg-ib0 we've got is
>      DEVICE=ib0
>      TYPE=Infiniband
>      BOOTPROTO=static
>      IPADDR=
>      NETMASK=
>      NETWORK=
>      ONBOOT=yes
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