[CentOS] Problem getting mysqldump on Centos 5.x server

Wed Apr 24 06:32:29 UTC 2013
Bruce Whealton <bruce at futurewaveonline.com>

> If time is pressing, and he's not sure how to get mysqldump to 
> function properly, I'd suggest shutting down the mysql server, taking 
> a tarball backup of /var/lib/mysql (or wherever the database files 
> are), compressing that (xz is nice for these purposes), and then 
> getting the mysqldump backup.

I'm a bit confused here.  If I get a tarball and compress that, then is that
for download and moving to the other server?  Is this just in case the
mysqldump does not work at all.  
> As for getting the mysql dump itself, if he's not sure what privileges 
> are set up, I'd probably skip resetting permissions and instead taking 
> the dump from a daemon running under --skip-grant-tables.

So, I start mysql-server with the option --skip-grant-tables and then try to
do the mysqldump?

> It all depends on how much time he has before the system becomes 
> unavailable to him.
In my previous email, I point out that the error now is different.  It is
error 28 from the storage engine.  So, I have to google that and see what
that means.


>Definitely another option.

>The only thing I would say is if getting the dump under --skip-grant-tables
you need to make absolutely >sure external access to the database is blocked
as the daemon will presumably be running a lot longer in
->-skip-grant-tables to complete a dump than it would be just to reset a