[CentOS] r-x and r-x.

Thu Apr 25 10:57:40 UTC 2013
James Hogarth <james.hogarth at gmail.com>

> as far as I can test this at the moment, it works without Selinux and
> doesn't work with Selinux enabled.
> I also want Selinux enabled.
> So I will do some searching on how to make it work with Selinux.
Although i don't use NetworkManager I suspect it runs in some kind of
context such as NetworkManager_t ...

It's unlikely that context will have permission to read/write/traverse/etc
home_t (which is the file context for user home directories).

I suspect there is no boolean to allow what you want so if you want selinux
enabled you'll need to build a module - look at audit2allow and the various
guides surrounding that for how to use it ...

First thing to check will be run in Permissive and then look at
`audit2allow -a` to see exactly what process is trying to do what operation
... and then from there you can create the module to allow what you want.