[CentOS] kde in centos 6.4

Fri Apr 26 05:48:53 UTC 2013
Michel Donais <donais at telupton.com>

On the login screen there was no place as in 5.9 or older to make a choice 
of desktop environment.
I changed
and it has no effect; GNOME hang on there.

So because of a lot of flaws in my installation and of lack of time I decide 
to go back to 5.9 and get a look later for a 6.4 installation.

Michel Donais

----- Original > Michel, are you trying to change your window manager (gdm 
vs kdm) or
> your desktop (gnome vs kde)?
> If you are trying to change your desktop, then Craig's suggestion would
> work, though keep in mind that the "session" section of the gdm window
> manager is on the password screen, i.e. you enter your username and then
> you have the option to change your desktop on the next screen. Like Mark
> said, they don't make it easy, meh!
> If you are trying to change the window manager itself, as in have kdm
> handle the login screen rather than gdm, then you would need to create
> the file /etc/sysconfig/desktop and put these two lines in that file:
> then reboot the machine and it should come back up with the kdm console
> screen (and the system default desktop set to kde). Keep in mind that
> you may need to explicitly install the yum group KDE-Desktop in order to
> set the window manager to kdm. Depending on which type of os install you
> did, that group doesn't get installed. For example, for my workstations
> we generally use the install choice Software Development Workstation,
> and we need to do a yum-install of the group after the os installation
> is finished (since we don't bother with the customization stuff until
> post-install).
> Hope this helps!
> Miranda
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