[CentOS] ECC memory errors

Mon Apr 29 12:11:22 UTC 2013
Michael Schumacher <michael.schumacher at pamas.de>

Monday, April 29, 2013, 1:59:44 PM, you wrote:

>> Message from syslogd@ at Mon Apr 29 08:02:55 2013 ...
>> server1 kernel: EDAC MC0: UE row 0, channel-a= 0 channel-b= 1 labels "-":
>> (Branch=0 DRAM-Bank=0 RDWR=Read RAS=0 CAS=0, UE Err=0x2 (Aliased
>> Uncorrectable Non-Mirrored Demand Data ECC))

> Maybe - I'm just not sure. You need to replace the memory asap; order
> it, and schedule a maintenance window with all your users *now*.

fully agrees, however I had a situation once where these messages
appeared after a Kernel update. I learned that the kernel developers
added some extra error messages for my chip set with that update.
Booting an older kernel made the errors go away. OTOH, if the board is
already some years old, this is not very likely (and you will have to
replace the memory anyway.)

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