[CentOS] [centos-6.3-desktop] Unable to login

Mon Apr 22 13:26:17 UTC 2013
Mayur Patil <ram.nath241089 at gmail.com>


 I have trapped in weird problem. My Setup is CentOS 6.3 Desktop edition
x86_64 arch.

 My login screen is blinking so frequently that I am unable to see and
login into it.

 And also I am unable to reinstall the OS because it will take very long
time re-setup everything as per my configuration as well as Data.

 The problem is as follows:

 I have several months ago libgcc-4.4.6.i686.

 Today for installing rsyslog, I updated the package libgcc-4.4.7.i686 and
libgcc-4.4.7.x86_64. Then thinking

 about chances of conflict, I removed libgcc-4.4.7.i686  it has also
removed the


 all are i686 type. Then I installed same packages for 64 bit through yum
install <above packages>

 Message also said successfully installed. Then I try to open another
terminal window but it was suddenly closing

 so I thought restart might solve this problem; so I restart the computer.

 I am getting normal CentOS login backgroud but getting faster blinking

 How should I solve this problem (except formatting the CentOS) as CentOS
is the only OS on that machine.

 1. How to login into CentOS now??

 2. Which package should I need to install and how ??

 Kindly do the needful,

 Thank you !!

Mayur. *