[CentOS] Merging os and updates

Tue Apr 23 21:26:48 UTC 2013
isdtor <isdtor at gmail.com>

I've been able to successfully kickstart CentOS 3.9 from the base
repo, but no such luck after merging os and updates. I think I did
everything right - updated base/comps.xml and regenerated
hdlist/hdlist2. Updated  the yum repo as well although I'm pretty sure
it's not used by anaconda.

This is difficult to debug. The setup is running under kvm on a CentOS
6.4 host, and for some reason, a completely headless install fails
(--graphics none; virt-viewer complains loudly and dies). A graphical
install with vnc looks quite different from newer OSes' ks installs,
there is no VC showing package install progress or an interactive
shell. I.e. I cannot tell what exactly fails.

Yes, there is a specific legacy reason for using 3.9 here.