[CentOS] run script on cron job only run on first Saturdat every month???

Mon Aug 5 04:45:00 UTC 2013
Darr247 <darr247 at gmail.com>

On 2013-08-04 8:54 PM, Keith Keller wrote:
> We have already gone over this. The days columns are effectively ORed. 
> So the above job runs every day from the 1st to the 7th, and every 
> Saturday of the month. Read man 5 crontab to see this documented. --keith 

Right, but the proposed command doesn't make it much different... 
instead of the 1st through 7th plus every Saturday as it should 
currently be running,

15 4 1-7 * 7 /home/app/oracle/backup/monthlybk.sh

would make it run the 1st through the 7th and every Sunday... when what 
was requested was running it only the first Saturday of the month.

It seems to me if the asker wants to run it only 1 day per month, 
they're going to have to pick a day and put up with the fact that 
sometimes it's going to happen during weekdays, unless they want to 
twiddle with it every month.

15 4 1 * * /home/app/oracle/backup/monthlybk.sh

should make it run only on the 1st of the month at 4:15am. (right?)

Anyway, thanks for the reply. :)