[CentOS] 3TB External USB Drive isn't recognized

Mon Aug 12 17:20:46 UTC 2013
Toby Bluhm <toby.bluhm at alltechmedusa.com>

On 8/12/2013 9:59 AM, james wrote:
> We have a 3TB external USB drive that I am trying to attach to some CentOS5
> servers. I have tried an older Dell PE1950 and a newer R310 but neither one
> seems to be able to read the drive. It works no problem on windows
> servers/workstations and I was able to format with NTFS.

I've gone through the same scenario. I believe the USB 
layer/interface/driver/whatever in C5 is the pinch point. I have SATA 
attached GPT labeled 3TB disks working just fine in C5. Put the very 
same disk in a USB enclosure and it's not recognized as 3TB - sees it as 
some fraction of its true size.

I know the same disk/enclosure worked on Win7 & I'm pretty sure it 
worked on C6.