[CentOS] Motherboard and chipset compatibility

Mon Aug 12 17:30:42 UTC 2013
Glenn Eychaner <geychaner at mac.com>

John R Pierce wrote:
> On 8/12/2013 9:14 AM, Glenn Eychaner wrote:
> > * 1U short-depth rackmount chassis OR Mini-ITX small-footprint chassis
> > * Dual 1920x1200 monitor display
> those two requirements together are unusual.  most rackmount 1U systems 
> are headless, except a basic VGA for initial configuration.
> dual display is generally found on a desktop system. 

I agree. In this case, the floor is not the best environment for the
equipment, the adjacent rack has only 1U of short-depth rack space
available, and the desktop is already crowded with keyboards and monitors.
Since the reqirements are (relatively) modest (except those two), I was
hoping to squeeze something in.

Looks like I'm out of luck, and buying another full tower to hold a
motherboard, a disk drive, and one expansion card.

Glenn Eychaner (geychaner at lco.cl)
Telescope Systems Programmer, Las Campanas Observatory