[CentOS] Motherboard and chipset compatibility

Mon Aug 12 20:17:00 UTC 2013
Glenn Eychaner <geychaner at mac.com>

> > Since the reqirements are (relatively) modest (except those two), I was
> > hoping to squeeze something in.
> how about an ultrasmall form factor desktop, such as the Dell Optiplex 
> 7010 USFF ?   those have dual displayport outputs (requires $7 optional 
> video output panel), and are 24x6.5x24cm

I didn't even know that the Optiplex 7010 was CentOS compatible (though
someone may have mentioned it in my previous thread); it is not on the
RedHat Hardware List, not does Dell's web site go out of its way to mention
it. Again, how does one find this kind of thing out? There has to be a
better solution than 3 days of web searches, Emails to tech support, and
forum posts.

In addition, the USFF Optiplex seems to be limited to a Core i3 processor
and a mere 2GB of memory, which while acceptable is not optimal (and worse
than some other solutions I'm looking at).

And for everyone suggesting KVMs, VMs, SSH, or other solutions...this is a
telescope operations system, so none of those are really appropriate to the
task, I'm afraid. I really want direct monitor/keyboard/mouse connections
(and yes, I keep a hotspare warmed up at all times in case of a critical
failure, and have had to use it on more than one occasion).

And I'm sorry my postings don't seem to thread right in the archives. I
subscribe to the Digest form orf the list and am compiling these replies
using the web archives.

Glenn Eychaner (geychaner at lco.cl)
Telescope Systems Programmer, Las Campanas Observatory