[CentOS] yum-plugin-priorities

Thu Aug 15 23:14:03 UTC 2013
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at alice.it>

Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:

>> To oversimplify, say that you have rpmforge, base, and epel repos.  Say
>> that all of them have versions of perl.  However, these versions may
>> conflict with each other and break things.
>> So, if you gave base and updates priority of 1, then the others, even if
>> they have a later version of perl, won't install it.  The downside is
>> that
>> you're running the older version.  The upside is that you don't risk this
>> newer version of perl breaking some other package that you'd forgotten.

But what if a package in rpmforge requires a newer version of a package
that is available in rpmforge but not in updates?
Surely this is very likely to happen?

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