[CentOS] OT: laptop recommendations for CentOS6

Sat Aug 17 10:31:17 UTC 2013
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

On 08/17/2013 08:40 PM, Johan Vermeulen wrote:
> hello,
> over the past year, I bought a lot of laptops and I insist on running
> Centos on all of them.
> <snip>
* the worst are Asus X55-A and Dell Vostro 3460 that have Atheros 
network cards. * I never tried Ati Radeon on Centos because of bad 
experience on Opensuse. But maybe it works Nvidia will sometimes require 
extra software for use with external monitor or beamer. So I agree on 
you with the intel graphics. * The thing is, if you spend some 600 
Euro's, you more often than not end up with in the best case some 
Broadcom cards that can be made to work given some effort. In worst case 
with Atheros cards that require some magic to make them work. * imho if 
you buy a laptop that has Intel HD graphics, Intel network card and 
Intel wireless card, it will work out of the Centos box. but those are 
too expensive for me. Greetings, J. Op 16-08-13 18:06, carlopmart schreef:
>> Hi all,
>>     First of all, sorry for the OT. I need to buy a new laptop for my
>> work. My prerequisites are:
>> - RAM: 6/8 GiB (preferably 8 GiB)
>> - Processor: Core i7
>> - Disk: up to 500 GiB for SATA, 128 GiB for SSD.
>> - Graphics card: Intel HD (I really hate to use Nvidia or ATI Radeon
>> graphics cards).
>>     The most important tasks will be:
>>     - Surf the web :)
>>     - Read email
>>     - And the Most important task: I need to install complete virtual test
>> labs on it using KVM, Xen and VMware suites to run several different
>> types of OSes: RHEL, CentOS, OEL, Solaris-like, BSD, Windows 2012/2008
>> R2, etc.
I purchased (20 months ago) and use an ASUS G73S - this has an Core i7, 
I loaded it with 16GB of RAM, and added a 64GB SSD to the already 
installed 500GB HDD. It has a great screen, blueray DVD writer and a 
high end Nvidia graphics card.
It is running CentOS 6.4 and with some help from elrepo the keyboard 
backlight works along with most of the function keys. Network both wired 
and wireless worked out of the box. It boots from SSD in less than 30 
seconds - all in all it has been a great machine.
The only weakness has been the touchpad, and this has been an issue with 
the machine construction and impacts all OS's. If I am doing lots of 
work I use a hardware rodent and disable the touchpad (function key for 
this does not work yet).
I have used ASUS MB for years and like them alot, this laptop is the 
first ASUS purchase for me, but I would buy it again.
>> Any suggestions?? My first choice will be Toshiba or Lenovo laptops and
>> of course it needs to be 100% compatible with CentOS6 (or almost at 95%).
>> Thanks.
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