[CentOS] RHEL Subscriptions

Mon Aug 19 02:42:54 UTC 2013
Dennis Jacobfeuerborn <dennisml at conversis.de>

On 19.08.2013 04:30, Anthony K wrote:
> Hello List Members.
> I was recently approached by Dell stating that I HAVE TO renew my Red
> Hat Subscriptions.  I challenged this statement and was informed that
> this has always been the case and that all servers I have bought off of
> Dell over the years need to have current subscription!
> I've been searching the Red Hat website to find where this is stated but
> can't seem to locate this info.  So, is Dell having me on?

Why are you searching on the Red Hat site when this is a Dell issue? It 
might be that the Dell support contract is tied to the condition that it 
only applies when you have a valid RHEL subscription. Sounds weird to me 
but that is the only way Dell could force you to get a new one.

Have you asked for evidence to support that claim? (i.e. the exact text 
in the support contract that that demands this)