[CentOS] k3b -> cddb doesn't work

Mon Aug 19 12:55:56 UTC 2013
ken <gebser at mousecar.com>

On 08/18/2013 04:13 PM Joerg Schilling wrote:
> ken <gebser at mousecar.com> wrote:
>> Thanks for your reply.  As late as November 2012 I always used the CLI
>> for copying *data* CDs, using cdrecord and readcd.  But though I read
>> and studied manpages and scads of documentation, I never had any luck
>> cloning a music CD using these commands.  So I'd doubt I could figure
>> out on my own, in addition to cloning a CD, adding in the song titles etc.
> Are you using recent original software or are you using an outdated, dead
> and defective fork that is distributed by some non-OpenSource oriented
> Linux sources?
> If you are using this bad fork that is from September 2004 - 9 years ago, you
> suffer from many problems, like incomplete documentation and many bugs  that
> cannot be found in the original software.

cdrecord and readcd are both part of this package:

$ rpm -qi cdrecord
Name        : cdrecord                     Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version     : 2.01                              Vendor: CentOS
Release     : 10.7.el5                      Build Date: Thu 26 Feb 2009 
06:30:50 PM EST
Install Date: Mon 05 Sep 2011 03:03:56 PM EDT      Build Host: 
Group       : Applications/Archiving        Source RPM: 
Size        : 1383954                          License: GPL
Signature   : DSA/SHA1, Sun 08 Mar 2009 09:45:19 PM EDT, Key ID 
Packager    : Karanbir Singh <kbsingh at karan.org>
URL         : http://cdrecord.berlios.de/old/private/cdrecord.html
Summary     : A command line CD/DVD recording program.
Description :

The "Description" states nothing about it being from a bad fork from 
2004.  :)  So how would anyone know?

>> I guess I wasn't clear about ripping a CD.  Grip, as I said handles this
>> fine, including downloading the cddb data.  So if I wanted to create wav
>> (or ogg or other) files, I could use grip.  But for some CDs, a series
>> of wav files just doesn't play back well; I'm talking about music in
>> which one track blends into the following track with no break in
>> between.  These don't play back well because audio players insert a
>> break (perhaps because they need a second or so to load that second
>> track) and, in addition, often this break isn't in a good moment.  So
>> I've decided to just burn the entire CD to avoid hearing the breaks.  So
>> is it even possible to save the cddb data to a copied CD?
> Programs like grip and cdparanoia don't care about the usability of the
> extracted files for later burning tasks and they are not able to extract so
> called "un-CDs".
> cdda2wav knows about the writing process, feteches cddb data and includes a
> bug-fixed libparanoia.
> Recent man pages also contain several related examples. Did you read a recent
> manpage and follow the EXAMPLE section?

I don't know what is meant here by "recent".  Which is the earliest 
version which contains the functionality required?