[CentOS] Really Weird Question.....

Tue Aug 20 01:23:46 UTC 2013
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 8/19/2013 5:20 PM, Eddie G. O'Connor Jr. wrote:
> So I just got ahold of an old e-Machine (Model EL1600) with 1GB of
> memory. I was going to install CEntOS on it and try to run VirtualBox
> for other OS'es. I am curious to know if I have to stick with the 2GB
> "max" the specs say the machine can take or if its possible to install a
> 4GB module that is designed the same? In other words I have seen 2GB DDR
> PC2700 memory that will fit the casing and work, but I have ALSO seen
> 4GB DDR PC6400 memory modules with the same number of pins (240) will
> this work? I would want to have as much memory in there that will allow
> the VirtualBox to run smoothly.....any help would be appreciated!

if you are running VMs, you pretty much have to have more real memory 
than all your VM's plus your main system are using.  I run virtualbox on 
machines with 8gb and more ram.   with only 1gb, if you run a single 
512MB VM, you'll only have 512MB left for your regular system too.   
what are you going to install in a 512MB VM other than very stripped 

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